Exclusive illustrations.
Rzhevskii.com enjoys all rights in the illustration till the client pays for work in full volume.
After purchasing the illustration, the client becomes sole proprietor of all property rights to the illustration including gift, sales, disposal, free-of-charge distribution rights.

Rzhevskii.com keeps the right to display ( in the portfolio and/or any affiliate site) the outcome of any design order. If you want us to conceal our authorship please contact us to discuss your needs before the quote is given, it will change the price of the service.

Working stages:

The client sends technical specification, i.e. the text which describes in detail the required picture. Please, pay attention to the following questions:

1. In what manner is the picture supposed to be? In the cartoon, realistic one or in manner of someone among well-known illustrators? The painting style has a considerable impact on the illustration price. Provide us with pictures-samples painted in the style you prefer as it will speed up work over the illustration.
2. How many personages will there be on the picture and how detailed will every personage be?
3. In what positions are the characters and what do they do? What idea must they express to the viewer?
4. Is background necessary? If yes, how itemized is it supposed to be?
5. What are the additional details being important for you, for example, hair or clothing colour, logo or other inscriptions on the personage garment and so on?
6. What are the expected order schedules?

On the basis of the technical specification, we will draw a sketch and submit on your approval. The sketch may be corrected times without number.

sexy air force
When the sketch meets your requirements, we’ll provide the colour scheme on your approval. It may be corrected times without number.

After sketch and colour scheme are approved, the client pays the total order sum and we get down to the painting.
We will show the ready-made picture in jpg format with the aim of the final approval by client.


Attention! In this stage, the modifications in the picture will be made at extra cost only as you have already confirmed the sketch and colours in the previous stages.

If you are pleased with the final illustration, we will send you a downloading link for the full-sized PSD file from our hosting. If you don’t like final illustration, please contact us within 48 hours to formally request a refund. Before you receive your refund, however, you acknowledge that as a condition of receiving the refund, you will have deleted and/or destroyed any previously designed images provided by rzhevskii.com. After refund rzhevskii.com keeps all rights of the illustrations and it could be sold.